A leading light at Neal’s Yard with a touching last message

DSC04635DSC04630Dragana Vilinac, one of the leading lights at Neal’s Yard and their head herbalist, is reported to have said  “there is not much time to waste: crystallise what you came here for and give it to the world”. Sadly she died of cancer last week at 56.

The first Neal’s Yard Remedies shop was opened in 1981 by Romy Fraser in Neal’s Yard in  Covent Garden The shop offered dried herbs,  hoemeopathic remedies, essential oils,   Bach flower remedies and a range of toiletries based herbs and essential oils. I used to visit Neal’s Yard when I lived in London and I was a fan too of Bach flower remedies for emotional problems for several years.

In the past our grandmothers and even are mothers would have passed on their knowledge of herbal remedies to their daughters, but Neal’s Yard became famous for their research and moving all this forward. Until recently I had almost forgotten their huge array of products and have now discovered they have a  branch in Brighton.

Dragana was one of their leading authorities on herbalism, she had spent much of her time in different parts of the world studying the subject. She published ‘The Chinese Herbal Cookbook’ in 2000 and later ‘Healing Foods. Her role at Neal’s Yard included managing the production of extracts and tinctures and a new range of healing teas.


“there is not much time to waste: crystallise what you came here for and give it to the world”

She obviously made a huge contribution to other people’s well-being – how inspiring is that? Something I guess we would all like to aspire to.

DSC04634 DSC04633 DSC04632 DSC04636


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