A Happy Open House – The Open Art Cafe – Rottingdean

DSC04693This one is in association with The Grange Open House.DSC04694  Aimee Harman cafe owner and mosaic artist in  her own right is hosting the launch of the exhibition.

‘A Special Exhibition of Mosaic Artists’ and tonight each one tells us about the journey she has made to produce these beautiful pieces. I loved the story from one artist about a box of pieces of old pottery belonging to a member of the family who had died. The pieces appeared valueless and was to be disposed of, but, suddenly appreciating the beauty and quality of  them, decided they had to be rescued! Another talked about the chaos of creating mosaics  in the average family home. Most seemed to have got into mosaics by accident, but all agreed it always became very absorbing.

DSC04670        DSC04671        DSC04672          DSC04687

All these artists appeared to be happy in their work, informative but also modest about their achievements. There were a range of different interests here, apparent in the colours and shapes integral to a mosaic piece, wild life, explorations of love, portraits etc.


There were opportunities for the visitors to have conversations with complete strangers, wine and canapes to complement a really enjoyable ‘Open House’. During the month the cafe of course will be serving its usual range of teas, coffee, lunches etc.

DSC04675   DSC04683   DSC04691   DSC04689   DSC04688 Photos of  the artists. Some of the work will be moved to The Grange and visa versa during the period of the Festival which will be interesting.

Finally tonight Aimee told us about her new book commission. The book is about making mosaics will be out for Christmas. Well done Aimee.


Link to the Grange Open House.


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