Teresa Winchester and Friends May Open House

DSCF8092Wow what a wonderful group of talented friends. Here they are, well rather their work on display every weekend in May, 11am to 5pm. Frankly it is like stepping into a modern day version of  Aladdin’s cave.DSCF8107-001

This Open House is spread over two enormous rooms, a large conservatory, an art space hall and the garden. What a lovely place to take someone to buy a present or to stock up of a few goodies for imminent birthdays. Or, if you are like me, you will come to have a look at all the lovely handmade things and treat yourself to something made in felt, or some earrings or some beautiful cards.

DSCF8113-001 DSCF8101-001 DSCF8099-001 DSCF8097-001 DSCF8094-001 DSCF8098-001 DSCF8087 DSCF8079

There is an enormous range of  unusual things and some particularly eye catching metal sculpture in the garden.    The heron was particularly appealing and lovers of wood will find the grain and workmanship of the handmade boards of beech, cherry and ash a joy.

DSCF8108-001 DSCF8104-001 DSCF8090-001 DSCF8105-001  DSCF8106-001 DSCF8111-001 DSCF8092-001 DSCF8084

I think I should confess a personal interest here,  as I first met Teresa on a one day a week course at Brighton Uni in creative writing six years ago. We soon learned that she was an established artist, had a special talent for drawing that led to much sought after lino cuts. There are some large ones framed as well as wonderful array of greeting cards. I particularly love the owl and the pussy cat series. Teresa’s friends who share this space give the place the feel of an art gallery.

DSCF8100-001 DSCF8081 DSCF8083 DSCF8096-001 DSCF8088-001

The list of contributors include  Lux and Love – Extraordinary teapots; Karen Ra – Art Felt;  Anna Tilson – Crockery mosaics;  Marion Brandis – Dccorative ceramics;  Peter Brett – Wood;  James Fenner – Ceramic studies;  Gail LeCarpenter – Silver Jewellery;  Susan Thompson – Recycled Leather work;   Sarah Burnham – Fine Silver Jewellery;  Marion Tilyard – Animal cushions;   Emma Hicks – Recycled Textiles;   Chanchala – Steam Pink Jewellery;   Karen Halbrook – Animal Sculpture;   Linda Ayres – Rycycled Vintage Jewellery;   Sarah Richard – Ceramics and last but not least Nick Hulme – Wood Carving. DSCF8112-001

It is noticeable that the goods on sale range from a card for £1. 50 to a metal animal sculpture at several hundred pounds. But the joy of it is that there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever to buy, but obviously it is welcome when sales do occur!

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