The allotment in torrential rain


DSCF8126 The broad beans I planted in November look brill but planted them too close and the wind and rain has blown them about a bit. Tiied to some taller bamboo canes.  The garlic and onions are still progressing.

DSCF8127      Raised beds – These have been a godsend and only possible because they were half price at the garden centre. I know handy folk break up pallets from builders yards but have you seen the size of those nails?  Now happily we have seven which is brilliant for people with bad backs and am quickly planning how to do a bit of crop rotation.

DSCF8129Pond – the pond had a lot of that awful slimy weed again so cleared the worst of it. They sell pond clear things in  garden centre but still not happy about it, they say OK for fish but not convinced in terms of frogs and newts!. But the pond looked fine after a it’s bit of spring clean. Going to put some more waterlilies in as apparently depriving the pond of more light can help.

I love water lilies remind me of Monet’s Garden which cheers up a really wet day!

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