Open Houses in Hove – one weekend to go!

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At 46 Langdale Gardens a friendly group of artists displaying silver work, original note holders, paintings etc. My favourite thing was a box with items from the past, beautifully displayed under three little magnifying glasses. I think it was called ‘Dream time’ and is hanging in the hallway. Apparently the artist in question  does this kind of thing with ones own treasured items to order. Some came with musical box movements but I thought that distracted slightly.

DSC04828           DSC04810-001 - Copy           DSC04813           DSC04811

DSC04814-001      DSC04816-001     DSC04817     DSC04815

At 66 Langdale Gardens there were several wonderful painters, potters, an embroidery/collage person, an impressive kitchen and pretty garden where one can drink tea and order tasty quiche from a  friendly chef.  My favourite thing were lively embroideries of seascapes very original and beautifully made.

If you still have the Open House book, don’t forget next weekend is the last one, lovely things to see,  in the artists own home and completely free. What a fantastic idea.


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