The garden in May – bank holiday weekend

 DSCF8131  DSCF8132  DSCF8133

DSCF8176-001  DSCF8141  DSCF8134

This garden takes a bit of maintenance, but I try to pack the plants in so there is little or no weeding and I like lots of seasonal flowers. The forsythia dies back quite quickly, but then the laburnum takes it’s place for colour. The fucDSCF8175hsias are always very showy and in my garden hardy, so no worrying about them. Aquilegia come in several different shapes and colours, are tall and stately and grow just about anywhere.

We hadn’t cut the grass in the above pics. or done the annual clearing of the pond but then it isn’t a show garden more a wonderful wilderness, eventually both get done.

DSCF8171-001I tend to throw three growbags in the greenhouse in the spring for tomatoes and grow a couple of courgettes, and a clump of arctichokes in one bed instead of  flowers.

Raspberries do quite well in tubs which means they don’t throw up so many extra shoots.

Figs  in pots, cherries anDSCF8174d apples in the ground, the latter, which came with us from London, in rough and ready espalier style.


Luckily this garden takes care of itself a lot of the time, which is just as well and I would never have the energy to start another one from scratch again.

We bought a wisteria from a  of reputable nursery six years but it has never flowered, this is a bit of a disappointment. But with gardens one lives in hope

Creating a garden for me is as good as painting or writing poetry.  I even prefer to sit in my garden on a sunny day rather than have a meal out. But then at our local garden centre near the race course one can indulge in the occasional  cream tea!


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