A picture post – was a funny old week

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IMG_7901   DSCF8240   DSCF8241   DSCF8244

Monday –  Goodness knows what the balloons were about, discovered them near Lambeth Palace on my way to the Poetry School. Had been feeling poorly so decided to have a busy week,  a sort of mind over matter game.

 Tuesday – Jamie, middle grandson, is on a gap year, he and I found our one and only recording on a 78 of ‘A Little Dutch Mill’, discovered a postcard bought on  Ebay about our show in Blackpool in the 50s and started re-painting  and re-stringing some of the old marionettes, one from 1948, for our on line museum

The orchids in the kitchen were irresistible, I don’t usually pick them but one got knocked off the plant.

Went to Matisse at the Komedia

Wednesday the Poetry Pop at The Open Art Cafe in Rottingdean – was really buzzy. Lovely young guy called ‘Twiddle’ turned up and at the end did a performance piece, modest unassuming, loved it. Rest of the group were great too.  Then Alan and I nipped along to the allotment. A neighbour there gave me the lovely bunch of sweet peas.

Thursday went up to Oxted to the dentist but forgot the camera.

Friday had a harp lesson, been three weeks on ‘Greensleeves’.  Andrew my teacher has the patience of a saint!

Later saw the farmer opposite St Dunstan’s  busy with his crops, made a great skyline.

Saturday went up to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy. The Weston Room is my favourite and has two drawings by Quintin Blake. There are hundreds of exhibits and overall even better than last year. There is also a model of a bridge with trees on it planned for the Thames. Simon Callow was there but did not notice any other celebrities was too busy looking at the paintings.

Popped along to Covent Garden for old time’s sake. My dad ran the Craft Fair there in the 8os.  Loved the girls choosing a poster.

Back to Brighton to discover Saltdean was acting as host to a wine and beer festival on the Lido site. Pity no one managed to get their act together and get the pool open again.

Next week I have decided will be much more restful. Well maybe!

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