The Grange Art Gallery – Rottingdean – Nova Scotia to Newhaven.

DSCF8391-001Here in the shape of paintings in Acrylic, Oil and Watercolour, Rob Upward brings to The Grange Art Gallery his expertise in a colourful range canvasses.DSCF8383

Asked about the paintings they liked the best a small group of visitors were torn between  ‘Smile for the Camera’ a watercolour of the Grand Canyon, ‘Squall in Halifax Nova Scotia’,  a beautiful watercolour of a boat in Newhaven and  a painting of the Canal du Midi.

DSCF8382                   DSCF8381                     DSCF8395

There are large paintings of vast areas of prairie and an intriguing view from his window in a hotel in the United States an unusual composition with simple blocks of colour contributing to the overall effect and sold on the first day.DSCF8393-001

Sad but effective was a corner of  Oradour-sur-Glane in France, the village where the whole population was massacred By German soldiers in a matter of hours during the last war and which has been left exactly as it was as a memorial. Rob is happy to share his techniques and says he started by covering the canvas in red before adding any further detail.

DSCF8392Rob is on hand as an artist in residence during his exhibition, so you can watch him at work at his easel, he is full of information about his techniques which is refreshing. He also has an impressive table of his original sketches, too.

DSCF8387                              DSCF8394

His painting of the ‘Tidal Surges’ in Saltdean suggest this guy is fearless in getting his source material.  If you have ever done the cliff walk in a gale you will know what I mean! Lovely postcards of some of the paintings are available at just £2.00 a real bargain.

Not only is Rob an artist but has traveled to the United States twice in the last few years researching his family history which he used as the basis of his novel ‘Ocean of Grass’ which concerns the human side of immigrants to America.  It is good read about a pioneer family’s struggles in the 1880/90’s,  ‘who end up founding the town of Charity on the open prairie’.  Available on Amazon but Rob is far too modest to mention it today.

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