Just in time for lavender bottles!

DSCF8646         DSCF8660       DSCF8655-001     DSCF8653

You are just in time to make an old English lavender bottle before it’s past it’s best.   First find your lavender – I was lucky enough to be staying with our friends Jean and Mado on their farm in France and they had some beautiful lavender in their garden.


You need an odd number of stalks cut quite long. Mado and I had eleven each. I did get a bit stuck remembering how to do it, so resorted to checking out one my son Robin made a year or so ago. As well as the lavender you will need a meter or so of blue satin baby ribbon.


They are theraputic and fun to do,  but in the old days ladies kept them in their lingerie draw. Now however they are great to hang up in a wardrobe to keep the moths at bay.

I have no idea why they are called bottles  but full instructions are here. Please press the arrow.




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