Treasuring your special moments

DSCF8771“Treasure these moments they will never come again” said my mother to  dear friends in the Pyrenees 25 years ago when their young children where running ahead investigating the joys of a tiny stream.

We are all a lot older now but holidaying with the same friends recently we still found some more moments to treasure.

Mado trundling the wheelbarrow along
the path with hay for the horse and donkey
DSCF8532  DSCF8564  DSCF8567
watching our friends dancing in the barn
a tender love affair in movement
DSCF8824   DSCF8827-002   DSCF8826-002   DSCF8830
twisting ribbon through the lavender
busy butterflies and hum of bees
DSCF8655-001 DSC05271-001 DSCF8642
walking over well-worn cobbles in medieval towns
swimming the clear warm sea at Collioure
climbing up to the old stone windmill
drifting down past the flowering cactus
DSCF8733-001    DSC05225-001    DSC05224
bright yellow Rubekia at their cottage in the foothills
jagged trees and ice tipped mountain ridges
DSC05245    DSC05240-001    DSCF8797
sitting under the canopy of the oak tree
ripe melon, juicy apricots, cool white wine
  DSCF8572     DSCF8573    DSCF8571-001
homemade gateau, golden cheeses, fresh salads
gentle conversation that drifts on forever.
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3 Responses to Treasuring your special moments

  1. mollyfbell says:

    Please take a look at my post about the strength of friendship and the bittersweet moment when you have to say goodbye


  2. ann perrin says:

    Read your post Molly liked the fact that the ending was very reassuring.


  3. Michaela Ridgway says:

    Unless a lifeline materialises before the end of August, John will be closing Pighog 🙂

    I’ve said to him that I would consider taking it on, with the help of a board of trustees, and restructuring it as a not-for profit, with arts council funding.


    Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2014 08:13:22 +0000 To:


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