Rottingdean buries it’s time capsule

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A truly touching occasion masterminded by the British Legion, organisations and the people of Rottingdean. Items in the capsule represent life in Rottingdean today and included earth brought back from the Great War battlefields in France.

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Of course local dignitaries were present, brave service men and woman but also hundreds of ordinary local people. I spotted my daughter-in-law Caroline leading a group of Cubs into the capsule area, she runs Rottingdean’s Scouts/Cubs for whom she works tirelessly.

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Some of the Scouts were reading the names of those from the village lost in the conflict.

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DSCF9004 - CopyDSCF9002 - CopyTwo minutes silence, the last post. The military band. Children in a long line putting the soil from the battlefields over the capsule, with a wonderful guy who helped every each child with great patience and kindness. 


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DSC05293DSC05298-001Sorry to those I did not manage to get on camera.

I admit that initially I wasn’t not sure about attending.  I am a bit cautious about all these commemorations, all those terrible deaths and for those that survived and did come home, many were completely ignored.


But the spirit behind the capsule was commendable. So well done all those who worked so hard to make it happen.

I do hope everyone donated generously to the charities involved.

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My partner has a special interest in the Great War and we have made many trips to the battlefields. Several years ago I took my mother, with my Grandfather’s war service history to the places where he had served and we re-traced his steps and made a short film.

Two weeks ago on holiday in France in the small town of Alet-les-Bains we noticed there were the names of many pairs of brothers on their war memorial,  what a tragedy for that tiny place too.  Sometimes I look at my own grandchildren, who are the same age as those lads who signed up all those years ago and am grateful they are not faced with such a choice.

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