Rottingdean Village Fair – in rhyme.


A Village Fair is for surely for children and so is the rhyme.

Rottingdean Fair

Oh Rottingdean Fair Oh Rottingdean Fair,

the streets oh so pretty we all will be there.

DSCF8889 DSCF8888 DSCF8904

The bands they will play, the Morris will dance,

we’ll swing on the swing boats and play games of chance.

DSCF8954  DSCF8910  DSCF8927

Will my key open the stout wooden chest,

Will my pig win the race, if he tries his best?

DSCF8932   DSCF8930   DSCF8931

Will my ball hit a coconut, my line hook a  prize,

when it pops out of the box and I open my eyes?

DSCF8943        DSCF8924

There’s a pony to stroke and a lamb in a pen,

then we’ll learn about guide dogs and brave fighting men.

.DSCF8946  DSCF8939  DSCF8940

A woodcarver shows us newly carved goods,

from olive trees,  sycamore all kinds of woods

DSCF8955      DSCF8953      DSCF8956

Bees buzz around in a frame under glass,

while pots full of honey are sold while they last.

DSCF8957       DSCF8936

There are artists and friends sitting under the tree,

some eat homemade cake and sip cups of tea.

DSCF8950 DSCF8960  DSCF8921

A poet from Ireland, a pair from Japan,

with birds made of paper and flowers from their land

DSCF8917 DSCF8915 DSCF8964

Oh Rottingdean Fair, Oh Rottingdean Fair

the streets oh so pretty we are glad we were there. 

The bands they did  play, the Morris did dance,

we swung on the swing boats and played games of chance.

Well it sort of works, although could not tDSCF8963hink of a line for Tony Adams from Crossroads and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang or dream up one about the Petticoat Lane ladies. Oh and Mick Bensley designed the very pretty poster and programme.

DSCF8962 DSCF8961 DSCF8960                           DSCF8934 DSCF8928 DSCF8925

vDSCF8923 DSCF8922

DSCF8920 Tony Adams at Rottindean Fair DSCF8963

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