A shed of one’s own

mine is this way…


Admittedly it is six years old and it has some of the things from my old shed in London.

 DSCF9127  DSCF9132 DSCF9143 DSCF9139 

DSCF9128 DSCF9133 DSCF9136 DSCF9138 DSCF9134 No good reason for half of it!

Virginia Woolf said ‘A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction.” Well, she was a genius and I don’t write novels. But I was once a freelance journalist and although currently I just blog, try my hand at poetry and paint a bit, a shed of my own is still important.

Yes, everyone should have a least a space of their own. Busy mums without much space or money could empty the cupboard under the stairs, paint it, add a few inspiring postcards and put up a shelf for a table lamp and a laptop.

Seen that work plenty of times.

DSCF9130 DSCF9137 DSCF9129 DSCF9135

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