Old postcards are a mine of information

DSC05315Old postcards can be purchased in secondhand shops in The Lanes, they are often interesting, as well as a source of inspiration. The imagination can run riot.  

I suddenly find myself almost a year older. Strange I didn’t notice the days, weeks and months whizzing by. Coincidentally I found a box of postcards yesterday so sorted them out in the sun in garden.  Some I realised I had sent to loved ones, so how I got them back I don’t know. I recognised many of the images but long forgotten details of my life flashed past. Umm a mixed blessing!

Some of the tales behind my old postcards. 

I can’t believe that I still have Auntie Muriel’s postcard sent for my birthday when I was five.

DSCF9373-003Or a card to my grandmother at my address, which confirms she came to live with us in 1966. Sadly her health seriously deteriorated and the nursing home saga began.

There were three cards from my mother whilst on tour in a show in Germany in 1955 that told of how much she was really missing us. I’d forgotten all about that.

DSC05314A card from me to my grandparents from Paris stamped 1948, when we went to visit my father’s wartime friends. I was convinced we were there in 1946!

There was a card from Gibraltar from father’s mother on her way to visit us from Australia in 1960.   She was 60 at the time and had always been a bit outspoken, so was that the reason I was the only one able to meet her at Tilbury?  But I then  I remembered her incredibly hard life and playing with tops, the only toy available on visits to her tiny flat in Brecknock Road, London.   Now tops has to be the subject of a new poem. Grandma’s Tops…..(to be continued)

There were cards to from my children when I was in hospital. A card to my parents from my youngest son on honeymoon.  And so it went on, card upon card, some with touching detail from  people I had almost forgotten.


Around my birthday time sons, daughters in law and grandchildren meet at our favourite Tapas Bar in Brighton for a wonderful meal. We have  done this for the last 12 years. But now the grandchildren appear to have turned into young men, how did that happen?

“How quickly time passes when you are enjoying yourself” as my old granny used to say,


 Good luck with the search for postcards and for those with relatives with memory loss, an old postcard of the seaside can be a good prompt.

 I’ve just noticed I been blogging for five years, is this insanity or something to else to celebrate?


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2 Responses to Old postcards are a mine of information

  1. Helen Goodman says:

    I had remembered your birthday. It is noted in my diary. I do read your news but don’t respond or react in any way. It is all very interesting. I have my great aunts cards. Know where they are but must hunt them out. I have one from my great grandma on my first birthday all those years ago. I had saved all the cards received by my children on their various birthdays. Trying to get rid of stuff so gave each if them his/her own to do with what they will. As you say the grand kids are growing up. Grace is 14 and has just returned from Nepal. Our kids were told that they wouldn’t be travelling OS and not to bother bringing the papers home. Keep well and remember that although I am usually silent I do read what you have written. Helen G

    • ann perrin says:

      Hi there nice to hear from you. Blogging is the main way I seem to communicate these days. So glad you have cards you are fond of too. I try not to remember my own birthday so many things to do and sometimes it seems time is running out…well lets face it is! Take care ann

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