Over the hills and far away

Impressions of Southern Ireland

DSC_0216  DSCF9467  DSC_0223  DSCF9406

DSC_0093   DSCF9487  DSCF9461 DSC_0231

Little things please little minds, quick impressions in haiku poetry format 5-7-5 syllables based on this week’s travel journal – a brief visit to Southern Ireland

DSCF9490  DSCF9489-001  DSCF9488-002

The trees are turning,  the first horse-chestnut fallen,  the white bird flown

White wind turbines spin, tankers journey from the East, fishermen long gone

We leave red sandstone, white boats on grey green waves, solitude awaits.

DSCF9491-001  DSCF9492-001

Abandoned millstones, grey granite memorials, the river runs on

Rainbows, pots of gold, the mountains swallow the sun, Leprechauns laughing

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