Pink knickers, wine, roses and the wisdom of breast checks.

 ‘In the pink’  meaning  ‘in perfect condition’, especially of health. 


And I have just raided the house to find everything that’s pink in support of breast cancer awareness and included my poem ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’.

DSCF9881 DSCF9880 DSCF9870 DSCF9894-001 DSCF9865 DSCF9874

I recently had a scare myself  but I was lucky, tests found I was OK. But I still found myself apologising  for wasting my doctor’s time.  “No, no” he said smiling “always best to be safe rather than sorry”!

Some years ago my cousin Gwen didn’t make it. But that was before we were all so breast aware and modern medicine made recovery so much more likely.

This was my tribute to my cousin Gwen, a poem that practically wrote itself.

Don’t Throw Away The Daisies   

Thank you for passing the time with me,
It’s so lonely waiting to die.
Can’t tell you how angry I felt
when you first appeared
with fruit and flowers
wittering on about sun and the seasons?
I wanted to scream at you ‘I’m dying.’
Have you got the colouring book?
One of your slightly better ideas.
Silly really but I love doing them,
reminds me of being little,
using every crayon in the box.
Mother and me at the kitchen table.
Now when you do the flowers,
please don’t throw away the daisies,
although I know they are past their best.
Could you do my nails?
I often had a manicure when I was working,
it seems important that God should see
I’ve tried my hardest.
I love the oils, the scent of lavender
challenging that mournful medical smell.
Hold my hand, I’m feeling so very tired.
Deep rhythms overwhelm me
creeping in on every side.
My eyelids are amazing rainbows,
how very strange.
Let’s say goodbye now – softly –
just in case I slip away.

So please don’t let anything get in the way of attending your regular check. Older people can request a check if they no longer get them automatically. If worried about your breasts go to the doctor, for as mine said  “always best to be safe rather than sorry”.


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