Hey a trip to India in the 80’s

Just found hundreds of my slides brilliantly copied by Tom Hardwick. Today these are some of the people on the journey. I went with a colleague from Streatham and Tooting Institute, Sunita Rai. She was taking her children to her homeland for the first time.

Ann Perrin slide 1    Ann Perrin slide 2  Ann Perrin slide (13)     Ann Perrin slide 4   Ann Perrin slide 5  Ann Perrin slide 6

  Ann Perrin slide 7  Ann Perrin slide 8  Ann Perrin slide 9There are hundreds more. Well done Tom.   India, teaching travellers, puppets so loads yet to come from time to time.

Please remember my images are copyright.



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2 Responses to Hey a trip to India in the 80’s

  1. TheBigForest says:

    Lovely images. A friend has recently returned and now has the most beautiful huge scarves in pink and orange and other vibrant colours. Its a country Id very much like to visit.


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