India in the 80’s – page 2

ann-perrin-slide-146  ann-perrin-slide-19 ann-perrin-slide-171 ann-perrin-slide-176  ann-perrin-slide-140 

I loved finding my slides of India in the 80’s a few weeks ago. I guess the place has stayed in my unconscious mind ever since, partly because even without the slides I found myself writing a couple of poems about the trip and including them in my first poetry collection ‘Don’t Throw Away the Daisies’ five years ago..

I went with a colleague and her two children in the height of their summer, not really the best time to go, but the only time available to us. The place is, of course, full of contrasts, beauty and colour but this  is what it felt like on arrival.

ann-perrin-slide-685Arriving in India 

The heat sucked the life out of her body

Her skin felt strangely numb

heartbeat quickening
ann-perrin-slide-18  lungs full of heavy heat

eyes strain

a desperate need to keep focused

as her whole body succumbed to fatigue

ann-perrin-slide-27so this is India

can death be this simple?

*        *        *


Ann Perrin slide (109)Lost in the mountains, our voices call out

The sky is dark, lit by a million stars.

We cease to care if anyone finds us.

*          *           *


On the Ganges

boats made of banana leaves

with tiny tea lights

bounce on the waves

taking the souls of loved ones

to a secret destination.

*          *          *

ann-perrin-slide-388 ann-perrin-slide-228 ann-perrin-slide-155 ann-perrin-slide-242 ann-perrin-slide-164

The first picture is of Sunita Rai and her family.   Sunita’s husband joined us later on the trip.  The second picture is of a woman selling flowers, the third is of some of the flowers of India and the fourth a pilgrimage the last one a leaf boat.   These are traditionally decorated with flowers in memory of a loved one.

Flowers are used for garlands to welcome visitors,  women put them in their hair to greet their husbands from work.    Flowers are placed in and outside shrines and their smell intoxicating.

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