Rudyard Kipling, Batemans and Remembrance Sunday

DSCF9274 - CopyLoved the programme about Rudyard Kipling today with a walk around Bateman’s . I blogged Bateman’s  twice a few months ago because I was so impressed by it all and and have recently been back again. DSCF9250 - Copy

However if there was anything so pertinent and touching on this particular Sunday I can recommend listening to the programme on BBC Radio Sussex on i player if you can get it?DSCF9288

So lacking in pretension and talking of his enormous contribution to the  War Graves Commission too.

Apparent Kipling  wrote 200 war poems about so many different aspects of the war and some have only recently come to light.

The following is from an article By Felicity Capon in Feb 2013:

‘The collection contains poems that date back to the First World War, with many focussing on the plight of the British soldier. Kipling initially supported the conflict, before the death of his son at the Battle of Loos in 1915.

One poem, titled The Press is a humorous, sardonic complaint about media intrusion. In it a voice questions tirelessly: What’s your last religion? / Have you got a creed? / Do you dress in Jaeger-wool / Sackcloth, silk or tweed? It is a poem perhaps pertinent for the present day’.

Link to one of my posts about Batemans with lots of lovely photographs.

There is a second post about how artifacts at Batemans might inspire ones own poetry.

Link to own thoughts about Remembrance Sunday and when the whole of London stopped for 2 minutes to remember when I was a child.

An award winning blog      for ‘a blog that brightens our day’.






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