No Hippos in Hove

Just mud, mud glorious mud, well all over our allotment on the Weald.Michael Flanders and Donald Swann 1966.JPG That’s why I was reminded of that glorious song about mud and hippopotamuses by Flanders and Swan, recorded at the Fortune Theatre, London, 2 May 1959. Found it on youtube!  Unless you are over 50  you probably haven’t heard of it. Pity we don’t get hippos in Hove!  


The rain was torrential for most of the day  DSCF0317-001creating lots of glittering puddles and mud all along the path. We had left it a bit late to plant autumn garlic, but it was now or never so into a sloshy raised bed it went.

DSCF0330-002DSCF0322-001I think we only grew a dozen cabbages and now the last three are of a real cabbage size, the snails seem to have had a party on them. Never mind, once at home and washed in salt water they were fit for a king!

I love nasturtiums, they grow anywhere, will trail up trellis orDSCF0326 in my case, like the passion flower at home, all over the ground. The flower heads are sold in places like Waitrose, and here they are for the price of a packet of seeds!  I eat them all summer  because they make a salad look wonderful and  have a lovely peppery taste.

The pond was full of course and looked wonderful. Happy Days!

DSCF0319            DSCF0323-001            DSCF0320-001

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