He huffed and he puffed …

DSCF0413 DSCF0408 was it that wicked old wolf that blew the house down?

As I drifted down to the post office, I saw the roofless house or perhaps it was simply a loft extension. But I was reminded of how important it is to have a roof over one’s head and ‘Crisis at Christmas’ and all the good work they do.

Then I remembered my parents’ cottage when my young  children and I happily sloshed some sort of black tar on the cracks just to hold the whole thing together. It was a ‘needs must’ situation, luckily with ladder walk ways three feet from a bank of grass of the same height.

I am still re-organising our house!  I think I have always had a tendency to change everything around after about three years. Well everyone knows three is magic number of course. Change is also creative, refreshing and cheaper than moving, quite honestly.

In between managing the chaos I had been gathering my poetry up for yet another pamphlet competition! I’m still not sure I’m really ready for this sort of undertaking but ‘in for a penny in for a pound’ as my old granny used to say.

This time I managed to avoid  last minute changes to lines that had already been approved by wiser people than I. Rectified three mistakes in punctuation that had crept past the keyboard controller.  Tried to decide which poems to include with a bad fairy out in the rain, shaking her head and grimacing at me through the window.

It’s a bit like posting early for Christmas, because I have to set a self-imposed deadline day before the real one. As usual the printer usually goes on strike and demands black ink! Not satisfied with that,  it then complains  endlessly of indigestion due to paper jams.  By the time I’ve  found the entry form, a giant envelope and a cheque book I’ve sometimes missed the witching hour!

Now I know some people can do all this stuff on line, but then they haven’t got a big bad wolf in their area, threatening to blow piggies houses down and blowing out our internet services at the drop of a hat.

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2 Responses to He huffed and he puffed …

  1. Good luck with the competition. And I know what you mean about printers…they have a cruel instict to play up when it matters the most.

  2. ann perrin says:

    Thank you

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