The Marie Rose at Portsmouth makes a good day out.


I always wanted to see the Mary Rose ever sinceDSC05772 those watery pictures on the television when it was discovered. Now the years of painstaking research, new discoveries and perseverance has paid off.   A wonderful exhibition full of artifacts.

Picture top left is a model of the ship when it sailed.

DSC05769DSC05770There are vast expanses of the ship  on display over three floors. Each floor tells of different aspects of its history, the people who fought, the carpenters and their tools,  the archers, the cooks, the people who worked on the rigging.  A surgeon and his gruesome instruments and even the skeleton of the ship’s dog.

DSC05818 DSC05780 DSC05793-002 DSC05802-001

The whole exhibition is so well laid out. There are several opportunities to talk to experts about the ship and several ‘hands on’ opportunities to feel the ropes,DSC05841 or try the weight of an archer’s bow.

.DSC05819 DSC05820 DSC05774 DSC05778 DSC05776    DSC05794  DSC05796

The difference between rank was in evident in accommodation, belongings etc. which is part and parcel of naval life today.  I was DSC05856intrigued that music making was part of the scene. DSC05846We not only saw the kind of instruments played but due to new technology heard the sound.

On an all in one  ticket one can see the Mary Rose, Nelson’s Flag Ship, the Warrior and many more exhibitions as well as a trip round the harbour. There was too much to do so  one thing each and then settled on the boat trip.  We went with a local Art Group but Brighton and Hove buses do trips and Portsmouth Harbour Station which is a few minutes walk to all the attractions. There is also a huge shopping centre for shopaholics but we gave that a miss!

DSC05867   DSC05871    DSC05870   DSC05866 DSC05865 DSC05969 DSC05878 DSC05894DSC05965            DSC05973          DSC05971   

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