Kate makes Christmas wreaths in Rottingdean

DSC06009Kate Scholefield who is the owner of the Floral Design and flower shop in Rottingean starts a new enterprise, teaching a group of local people who have signed up how to make a Christmas wreath to decorate their doors.

In a room she has hired at The Plough in Rottingdean  she has run three evenings making the wreaths, with mulled wine or coffee to cheer the proceedings along, both provided by the Pub.

DSCF0475       DSC05998DSC05990 - Copy

The group, mostly novices in all t hings floral, are introduced to the range of materials needed.

t.DSC06002     DSC06008     DSC05999     DSC06003

Then it is step by step with a wire frame, moss, fir tree branches, dried orange, twine etc.

   DSC05997  DSC06000  DSC06010

Then it is on to making  the finished product with a final sense of personal satisfaction.

DSC05991 - Copy    DSC06014    DSC06011

Kate’s course is not cheap but the finished product is lovely. She also gives little tips about flowers as she moves round the group. The most useful one was to forget about the flower food and put a tiny spot of thick bleach in the vase and to change the water every day to make your flowers last for ages. Now this tip alone will save some people a fortune!

Kate trained at the prestigious Judith Blacklock Flower School in Knightsbridge and is passionate about flowers, bouquets and plants. It is worth checking her shop out in Rottingdean High Street.

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