Out of the Blue at Troubadour

DSC06160It may be a bit of a trek from Brighton but poetry at the Troubadour in Brompton Road is well worth a visit. The last reading before Christmas was a chance to forget winter blues. Although the theme for the poetry was blue, we had invited poets reading poetry their own and other people’s, as well as a musical quizz. The advantage of Troubadour is the warm and welcoming atmosphere, both in the cafe and at the poetry sessions in the basement.


DSC06166There was an intriguing range of poems, covering  many associations with of the colour blue. There is a long list of poems linked with the theme on Anne-Marie Fyfe’s facebook page.

The invited poets reading were all ages and wondered how they had chosen what to read, and/or what exactly had inspired their own poem.  I  found myself  taking a quick photo of most of the poets, I loved watching how the light fell on their faces.

DSC06170-001 DSC06171-001 DSC06172 DSC06177 DSC06178 DSC06182 DSC06183 DSC06184 DSC06185 DSC06187 DSC06189 DSC06191 DSC06193 DSC06195 DSC06196 DSC06197 DSC06199 DSC06200 DSC06202 DSC06203 DSC06204 DSC06205 DSC06206 DSC06207 DSC06208 DSC06210 DSC06211 DSC06213 DSC06217 DSC06218 DSC06222 DSC06223 DSC06224 DSC06226 DSC06227 DSC06229 DSC06230 DSC06231 DSC06232 DSC06233 DSC06234 DSC06236 DSC06238 DSC06241

The poetry was of course wonderful, so many poets in quick succession and so many different styles.  DSC06164

Over the season Anne-Marie Fyfe has arranged for poets such as Billy Collin, Paul Muldoon, Mark Doty, Mimi Khalvati and Tamar Yoseloff to appear. Faber poets and poets from the Poetry School have also been reading. I think poetry at Troubadour is almost a course in enlightenment in it’s own right.

If the Brighton to London train services were not so dreadful on Sundays I would have attended more of Anne-Marie’s workshops. Although a leg injury has slowed me down a bit recently.

Anne-Marie’s workshops are so inspirational and supportive, I just love them. Was sorry to have missed one on time and clocks, but sometimes she repeats them, as they are often over subscribed! Maybe the service from Brighton to London will improve as promised, when the next series starts.

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