Light up your life with these Christmas Windows

 all at Harrods in London and beautifully animated

 DSC06102  DSC06077  DSC06079  DSC06081

 DSC06082       DSC06086       DSC06105

DSC06103        DSC06091     DSC06097

DSC06101        DSC06158        DSC06106

DSC06137         DSC06113       DSC06124

DSC06128      DSC06132       DSC06134

DSC06144    DSC06145     DSC06152    DSC06150

DSC06073Our family had reason to be grateful to Harrods in the late 40s. early 50s. It was one of the London department stores where we performed a Christmas show in the toy department with our marionettes. However it was at Harrods that the aristocracy did their shopping and would watch our show. Subsequently we were invited to perform at several stately homes.

We were also promoting an early selection of Pelham puppets. These toy puppets were at the top of many Christmas lists, children were eager to get the latest character. Bob Pelham (maker of Pelham Puppets) subsequently became a family friend.

We later wrote two books of plays for Pelham puppets which I re-published a few years ago. One of the the most popular of our plays had been ‘Caterpillar Capers’ we filmed it 15 years ago and put it on youtube. It lasts just over 4 minutes.

As has been the case with our own marionettes, I never really escaped from Pelham Puppets either.  When my children were young I was promoting them  again but this time in a local department store. When I moved to Brighton I used Pelham Puppets as part of a workshop in Saltdean Library, also on youtube.

Which is all beside the subject of this post, I blame the Christmas elves myself…..

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