A good omen

DSCF9908There was a huge orange question mark in the sky at sunset the other day. Didn’t catch it on camera just watched until it faded away, leaving me with the thought that it was a good omen for 2015.

Started to scribble down what might be good for the new year.  This led to looking up some inexpensive day courses in things I’ve never tried. At least thinking about a holiday to somewhere exotic. Seeing more of the family. Listing some books I’ve been meaning to read.  Noting down some competition deadlines.

It could be a good omen that I’m reading a book about overeating which claims that food can become an addiction. Apparently improved self esteem can sort it out. I already go to the aqua. at gym twice a week, but I also I eat too much. So I decided to kick start improved self esteem and put the best spa oil (usually saved for high days and holidays) in the bathroom for daily use. I discarded all the boring cotton knickers permanently in favour of the silky ones that I keep for best! (a ritual that only only women of a certain age will understand)  But it was a start and I haven’t raided the fridge for 2 days!

The weather has been rubbish today so after tidying up and a bit of writing. (I’m  committed to writing a fragment of poetry a day, for the whole of Jan) I whizzed off to Longridge Avenue to buy a few more gold stars so I can highlight in my diary anything in the following weeks with a feel good factor.

Later I remembered the S.W.O.T analysis which is something that I used with clients when I was a Life Coach, so did for myself. S.W.O.T. is great for taking stock and moving on. If you want to try it you list Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities and Threats in four columns. Taking your time is the key.  You then let your findings seep into your subconscious for a day or two before you consider what action who might take as a result.

You might however find it a bit salutary to discover that perhaps innovation is a strength, but laziness a weakness.  But if writing an ebook is an opportunity, don’t let the threat of things such as spending too much time on social media hold you back! Hopefully you get the gist. 

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