A sort of Antiques Road Show without the hype.


It’s a family failing that we convince ourselves that an old saucer with a dragon design must be Ming. Or the  landscape in a battered frame was painted by a famous eighteenth century artist! But at least its not as bad as hoping to win the lottery, when we seldom, if ever, buy a ticket.

But it’s still dull old January and with the news so sad and infinitely depressing at certain times in life, it’s a real effort just to keep going. Luckily however I found a new diversion

A few weeks ago I looked at the last of the things that had once belonged to loved ones and decided I simply didn’t need them, neither did my nearest and dearest!  Some them went to the local charity shop. But there were a few bits and pieces that the said loved ones had hoped were worth a fortune. Sadly, they were not but I still wish they had checked them out and benefited from the extra cash themselves. Water under the bridge of course


However luckily for me, I discovered Burstow and Hewett online, they are situated in Battle and are dealers in fine art and collectibles. A video confirmed that they are a long established family business and the current owner knowledgeable, personable and reassuring.

The deed was soon done, and although some things were not up to their standard, some antique lace, two small paintings and some so called collectibles. were all duly valued and listed for the next auction.

Last week we received a modest cheque. With the unexpected windfall I decided to do some courses in things that I haven’t done before.  A day making a papier-mache rose using an unusual Italian technique at Evolutiion.  A Japanese ceramic buttons, beads and broaches course at Brighton Friends Centre and thirdly I put a deposit on a writing course at Arvon although this is something I have done before. Certainly the new things will cheer the rest of January along and the course at Avon is something to look forward to.  I think my benefactors would have approved!

When we went back to Burstow and Hewett to collect an item that didn’t sell. It happens of course!  Another free valuation day was in progress and a charming member of staff going through another customer’s box of goodies, I hope she got an equally happy outcome.

The fine art at Burstow and Hewett is of course highly desirable and I guess big money changes hands at times. But the service they provide the more inexperienced seller is unpretentious and efficient, a sort of  Antiques Road Show without the hype.

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