Growing our own again.

Made a quick visit to the allotment for the second time this sprinDSCF1311g. Joy upon joy sunny and the garlic and broad beans planted in the autumn showing signs of life.

The rhubarb is sprouting. I know I’ve told this tale before, but it is some of  my Great Aunt Con’s Rhubarb that has DSCF1307been divided and replanted in most of our family gardens over the years.  This was the Aunt Con who lost her potential husband in the Great War and she and her sister lived out their somewhat lonely lives in Burgh Heath, mainly gardening.

One or two plots seem to have been abandoned.    Could not help wondering what had happened to the enthusiastic mother with her two lovely children and if the fork, abandoned in the middle of digging, on old Joe’s plot was ominous.    Like the plants people come and go too and often you have not really had a chance to get to know them. It is more a nodding acquaintance and/sharing seeds or produce from time to time.


DSCF1308        DSCF1300               DSCF1304-001

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