Frank Stella makes his mark outside the RA

A new large-scale sculpture by Frank Stella Hon RA, one of the most important living American artists, is on display in the Annenberg Courtyard. 

DSCF1365  DSCF1358 DSCF1359 DSCF1361  DSCF1364  

Huge panels offer an ever changing kaleidoscope of mirrored images and colour.

Inside the RA there is an impressive exhibition devoted to Rubens work. ‘Rubens and his Legacy’ – Van Dyck to Cézanne and open until the 10th April.

This can of course can all be checked out on line.

However many of Ruben’s most famous paintings. are on display. I  was particularly struck by ‘Pan and Syrinx’ (on the right) for the very different images, the painting of the reeds etc.

Rubens is claimed by many to have been ‘The Prince of Painters’ he is also said to have inspired subsequent generations of artists, including Constable.

Lovely to see Constable’s painting of his  cottage, an artist more famous for ‘The Hay Wain’  and one who was passionate about the effect of the weather on the landscape.

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