Why I’m not likely to vote.

If only it had been a minute’s silence for the people lost in the air crash particularly those children. Instead a token gesture then back to the school boys playground which regrettably is what ‘Prime Minister’s Question Time’ actually is, despite the handful of women also in the fray! All that posturing and game playing is pathetic!
There is always something that finally breaks the camel’s back and this could have been it for me.
But other reasons why I am thinking of becoming a non voter this time round is despair on a more personal level:
1.The lack of commitment from all parties for lifelong learning which is essential for sustaining mental health and combating loneliness as well as the more obvious benefits. There are plenty of courses available in Brighton but they are often costly
2. Appalling tuition fees (currently affecting my grandchildren) but which also affect older people who might like to study for a degree. I was fortunate that I could work full time, bring up my children single-handed and also study with the OU in my tea half hour. Much later in life I had some financial help with more part-time study at Birkbeck
3. The lottery of care homes and indeed all care for the elderly.   This has been the case for many, many years. I looked after my Gran for several years in the early 60s, finally having to find her a care home towards the end. The mishmash of  standards was in evidence then and I was forced to move her twice!  Just ten years ago my mother died in a hospital mainly due to serious  medical mismanagement.
Reports  –  So what do all those worthless reports amount to? Sometimes they smack of even more jobs, mainly for the boys. They all seem to take forever and are often abandoned at birth (publication) with scarcely a whimper?
Best not to wind me up about career politicians, the NHS, the plight of the homeless, lack of appropriate help for those with mental health issues, the huge development of flats for those with plenty of money currently being built on the marina and every opportunity taken for developers all over Brighton to make a killing!
Or indeed  the state of the world in general. Best perhaps to stick to poetry, and photography and forget all about the greater good!
So that’s it and why I am thinking of becoming a non voter for the first time in my life and after all who will know or care?

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