126th Anniversary of the Opening of the Eiffel Tower

DSC05314When Gustave Eiffel’s company built Paris’ as part of the 1889 World’s Fair organised to celebrate the French Revolution, no one could have imagined such feat of engineering or it’s universal appeal.

Sixtyfour years ago we as a family clambered up to the highest level and walked down to the next much safer looking level.  Now is not allowed to go so far, or I believe to walk down.  But I can still remember the wind and holding so tight to the heavy metal railings with such terror and excitement that I could not manage to look out at the view at all.

Dad ha1-DSC00621d taken us to Paris to meet the family who had befriended him during the war.  Madam Dulan and her daughter lived in a Paris apartment that had belonged to her mother, a famous actress. How sad that as one gets older just the bare bones of memories are sometimes all that are left. 1-DSC00851

1-DSC00814However Paris is still my favourite city and I return there as often as I can.

Twenty four hours in Paris a few years ago, a very short film please press on arrow to view

Other posts on Paris include the wonderful Shakespeare Book Company book shop last September.

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