Easter Greetings and a Garden Verse



I remember about ten years ago giving my mother an Easter card with the following verse I had written inside. “Goodness” she said “I didn’t know you had it in you”.

DSCF1468 DSCF1457 - Copy DSCF1466 - Copy

An English Cottage Garden

I could sit here in my garden
all my waking hours
simply entranced
by the profusion
of flowers.

Clouds of blue wisteria
float above my head,
and Aquilegia pink and mauve
frame where the birds are fed.

Pansies almost tumble
from my unruly pots,
and spring bulbs left to sleep awhile
obscure forget-me-nots.

The cherry blossoms sprouting
before the bluebells fade away
and roses gather all their strength
to make a good display.

The passion flower is teasing
the ivy round the tree,
Lily of the valley
share their scent with me.

So I sit in my garden,
all my waking hours,
simply entranced
by the profusion of the flowers.

DSCF1459 - Copy  But then two years later, again at Easter time, I just wish I had had the wit to scoop her up out of the hospital bed and to take her home for her last few days. Hindsight is of course a waste of time!

DSCF1454-001 - CopyBest to stick to happy memories and there were plenty, especially when it came to gardens. She was one of those people said to have ‘green fingers’ which means in their hands something that looked half dead would take root.

DSCF1432For the last ten years of her life she came to live nearby and, although we both had small gardens, we were forever in one or other of them. We started in the spring with the bulbs and then flowering shrubs, cherry blossom and forsythia.

DSCF1458 - CopyI think we both regarded gardens as works of art, from our crumbling paths to our tiny ponds (we were both keen on frogs and newts),  and of course we both had a bench for sitting on and dreaming.

DSCF1460 - CopyAlthough she never saw the garden my partner and I have created here on the South coast, I am sure she is with us in spirit, which is all anyone can hope for.

DSCF1395So with fond memories of her, thoughts of gardens, re-growth, rainbows, renewed energy, new beginnings and Easter eggs. Happy Easter everyone. I am not religious but some of my friends are, so good wishes  to them too  Ann

This was my wonderful little garden in London and recorded several years ago!
Note – New enterprise – my more recent poems/verse/monologues on

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