Charleston – the garden in the sun

I tried to look as though I own the place!

Sun 17 May 12pm ThumbA friend invited me to Charleston, driving me there too, what a treat. I knew she had only been able to get one ticket for Case Histories with Jeremy Hutchinson and, according to her, his life, knowledge, wit and wisdom stole the show. However Helena Kennedy and Thomas Grant were also impressive.

But then as almost everyone had gone to the lecture I had the whole garden to myself, the birdsong exquisite.  Later I  sat by the lake dreaming, writing, reading Selima Hill’s poetry simply because she is so concise and often very funny. Watched how the fish gathered seeming to know it would soon be lunch time until my friend full of excitement about Jeremy arrived, telling me about the highlights before we tucked into our picnic lunch.

We had, however, two tickets for  Shami Chakrabarti and Robert Tombs. Sun 17 May 2.30pm Thumb I think he stole that show! It was all about the importance of the Magna Carta, as its 800th  anniversary is celebrated.  Less significant now but woe betide us if new legislation takes precedence!

City Books pulled out all the stops what a selection!  Several books of course signed by their authors.

But as promised Charleston’s garden in the sun.

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Sun 17 May 2.30pm Thumb

Charleston is expensive so there are of course plenty of the great and good who can afford to buy tickets for everything and get the best seats! No matter. I got there for the second time my life and loved it.

The story about Alice from her governess’s point of view looked pretty tempting as did a few of the other events. Do take a look at their programme you might be choose a once in a lifetime opportunity! Check the Argus online too for all the latest reviews.

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