The Looking Glass House, City Books and Happiness!

DSCF2126-001 - CopyI am really looking forward to curling up and reading  ‘The Looking Glass House’ by Vanessa Tait who is the only great granddaughter of Alice Liddell. Her novel has just come out and according to the book’s blurb, throws new light on the story of‘Alice in Wonderland.’ because she is only person to have had access to all the memorabilia.

DSCF2095As luck would have it I learned of Vanessa Tait and Robert Douglas-Fairhurst, who has written a new biography that ‘delves beneath the fairy tale to uncover the complex interaction between the quiet academic, Charles Dodgson, Lewis Carroll’, when a friend treated me to day at Charleston last Sunday.

I am sure the tickets for the talk by Vanessa Tait on Bank Holiday Monday are long gone but when I tried to buy Vanessa’s book at the City Books stall, I was told they had not arrived from the printers. However they very kindly offered to try and get me a  copy signed  and that they would send it to City Books in Brighton for collection. Although I did not take her up on her offer at the time, I nipped into City Books today to see if they had got any  in.  It had only just arrived and there they were still in the packing box!

So not a white rabbit, but a virgin copy of the book which I Imagebought immediately.  I even got to spend a City Book Shop £10 voucher awarded by New Writing South, for a poetry comp. I won ages ago and kept forgetting to take with me.

Douglas’s book looked very good too, but a bit dense for my current mood but then  I spotted another Alice’s book with the art work by Yayoi Kusama.

According to the web Yayoi  has an affliction that causes her see spots and that makes her work surreal. Yayoi  also believes that when adults see the world through children’s eyes they can be at their most creative. Just what I fancied hearing today. Futher more she was born in 1929 which makes her 86 surely which is very inspiring to those of us that are 74!

DSCF2134-002 DSCF2133-001So two more books to add to my favourite things, which currently are my  Alice and the White Rabbit marionettes DSCF2128 - Copyhanging in my lounge, all my Alice books and the ceramic elephant and the seal thatDSCF2130 - Copy my kids made at about 8 and 9 years old respectively.

So sorry Douglas your book will have to wait for a bit, but happiness has to include  – New books. Lovely people taking one out for  treats.  The friendly staff at City Books. Delving into Alice’s Wonderland ………….

Please note the previous post was about Charleston.

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2 Responses to The Looking Glass House, City Books and Happiness!

  1. pinomanuk says:

    Hi Ann

    Just spotted this typo: Although I did not them up on her offer , missing the “take”.



    • ann perrin says:

      Joe, that is so kind of your, had problems with the pics and some of the text got re typed in haste, then midnight came too early. Thank you!

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