Fortune Park Fun Day

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Thoughts about what they liked best from Charlie, Ria, Alfie, Daisy, Isobel, Katie, Tula, Nasser, Ella and Angel and others from under our poetry cherry tree.

Fortune Park Fun Day

winding woolly monsters making wobbly hands and feet
spinning clay round and round with slimy hands
a very fat pig waiting for food
a giant sized bouncy castle being bounced on
my black hat and a soft white pony ride
mauve and yellow  balloons
a soft brown rabbit
sparkly spinning snaky plates
stick and rag tents falling down
rabbits drinking lots of water
kicking the Arsenal football
buggies and babies, mums and dad
the rabbit with his watch
my lovely Barbie face
chocolate chips icing and hundreds and thousands
and hundreds and thousands more
and the yarn trail.

P1000038 P1000037 P1000034 P1000033      P1000032    P1000026

Everyone wants to say thank you to the organisers and volunteers.P1000050  IMG_0173  P1000022

This event is run by dedicated volunteers living on The Golden Lane estate where there are no gardens. They rope in friends, volunteers etc and put on a lovely day out with that village green  garden party feel.

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2 Responses to Fortune Park Fun Day

  1. jacqueline shearman says:

    Thank you that’s delightful I’ll put it on our website and Facebook

    Thank you again

    Best wishes, Jacqui

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