The Kipling Gardens in all their glory

P1000117P1000115   P1000131 - Copy  P1000124   P1000119   P1000136  P1000128 - Copy

P1000134     P1000118           P1000142          P1000139   

 P1000153      P1000144       P1000146      P1000145

P1000156  P1000160  P1000167  P1000154    P1000175          P1000166            P1000165           P1000164

P1000129    P1000170  P1000172   P1000168

P1000183    P1000162    P1000174

Rottingdean Preservation Society have published a colourful guide to the Kipling Gardens. This useful reference pamphlet, written by Evan Murphie the head gardener, and Valerie Whittle of RPS is full of interesting information about the Gardens. The leaflet, illustrated with photographs also by Valerie Whittle, describes the garden’s history, layout and planting in a handy pocket sized format. Available at The Grange. Learned from those that know, that Valerie who is dedicated to this garden and has a stream of volunteers to water it when there is a heatwave. It really is a labour of love.

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