Grabbing the day!

Sometimes I don’t grab the day but defrost the freezer when the sun is shining.  How silly is that now we are faced with such gloomy weather today. Lucky I was out yesterday and last week when I took the pic of the wonderful woman under her beach brolly.

P1000256  P1000270  P1000268P1000271  P1000108  P1000249   

Then, in a pensive mood, I started to ponder on how I used to write more freely before I realised that poetry was indeed a well oiled organised industry and I started to go  on endless courses,

My current poetry has really developed so I am told, but I still raided my own poetry book (now six years old)  and found this poem, it  seems to fit my current mood of grabbing the day and just letting things happen.

What a performance!
Where a solitary seagull flew
hopeful of an unexpected catch
an old man moved along
the deserted seashore.
Glancing skywards
as if to ward off new invaders.
He kept his gaze low,
pausing then pouncing,
hands sifting piles of slippery pebbles,
“Makes a good walk” he called,
digging to retrieve his bounty –
two battered 20p coins.
“Like poetry?”
he called, I nodded
so with one hand cupped
to the side of his mouth,
warding off competition
from roar of the wind
on the incoming tide
he launched into a sonnet.

I clapped respectfully
as he continued to work the beach
as a showman might,
reaping his due rewards for such
a powerful performance.

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