Cheating the birds!

P1000437-001I netted the blackcurrants on my one and only bush this year thus P1000433-001cheating the birds of a midsummer treat. Now I feel guilty at every bite of the lovely summer pudding I’ve just made!  Well they have had them all over the last five years!

But for those that don’t know to make the pud here’s roughly what to do.  I line a sandwich box or a bowl with one layer of  white bread. Pour in your blackcurrants that you have boiled briefly with sugar (or sweetener) to taste, and left to cool.  Cover the fruit with one layer of bread, squeeze with a spoon to ensure it is covered with juice or save some of the liquid and pour over at the last minute. Place in fridge to cool and eat within a day or two with cream or ice cream.

P1000417 P1000421 P1000419 P1000440

I was tempted to pick some of the blackberries last week, hoping the blackbirds, who always love to knock one at a time to the floor then enjoy, might be willing to share the harvest. Whoops went out today and  too late, I got just a handful!P1000438P1000434

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One Response to Cheating the birds!

  1. pat smale says:

    Love Summer Pudding. Sorry about your blackberries!

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