Feeling blue?

DSC01129Well it has to be the weather! No wonder the weather is a British DSC03672 pre-occupation considering its vagaries. I am sure we were promised an August of wall to wall sunshine.
 DSC04184      DSC06084      Ann Perrin slide (170)     
All those open garden days and summer fetes under umbrellas. I still remember getting married, many moons ago  in  the height on the summer but in torrential rain!
 Pierre Auguste, Renoir and Van Gogh and other late 19th century painters used ultramarine and cobalt blue not just to paint nature but also to express moods and emotions, feeling blue is not only the quieter mind but the colour itself
DSC01774     P1000227    DSC01772    DSC04078    Ann Perrin slide (539)
Glancing down on my Picasa pics I suddenly notice just how many feature the colour blue. I love the moon against a blue black sky, the lavender fields, the visit to Heaven Farm, the sea, our marionettes dressed in blue, the flowers, the beach huts, the amazing patterns in the sky.
Ann Perrin slide (598)      DSC04063      DSC03534      DSC03627      DSC04037 
Apparently the phrase ‘feeling blue’ meaning low spirits, was first recorded in 1741 and may come from bluedevil , a 17th-century term, or from the adjective blue meaning sad,  Chaucer’s Complaint of Mars (c. 1385). The idiom may have been reinforced by the notion that anxiety produces a livid skin colour (according to an American dictionary).
Luckily I didn’t actually turn blue when I jumped into the sea a couple of weeks ago but it may have been touch and go. The water was freezing even if it was on one of the hottest days of  summer  so far.
DSC04056DSC04375   DSC05091   DSC05211        Ann Perrin slide (594)
Blue, so many shades and contrasts.
Ann Perrin slide (280) DSC05240 DSCF0339 DSC04569 Ann Perrin slide (570)
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