Hastings History House is a hit!

1-P1000595Gold star to the History House for their knowledge and enthusiasm. It’s the centre for The Hastings Preservation Society, where one can get a map, a cup of tea, see various tiny exhibitions and find out about the walks that cover a wealth of information and are free.  http://www.ohps.org.uk/

1-P1000559  1-P1000548  1-P1000568 1-P1000567 1-P1000570 1-P1000553

At a gentle pace our volunteer full of local knowledge takes us for a free guided walk where we are are shown some of the wonderful architecture, Georgian, Tudor and even an Elizabethan House. (above right).

1-P1000542  1-P1000546 1-P1000573 1-P1000547

We are taken to see the Doom picture in All Saints where one might make a resolution to try and avoid the judgements on the right (picture on the first line) and end up in hell!

But the highlight for me has to be a visit to the The Bank House (next line to the left) the owner of which is an expert on history and antiquity and an interesting  character in himself. He takes us on a guided tour of the house, with its ancient beams, tapistry and paintings.  It’s like treasure trove and many of the items he tells us about are family heirlooms.

1-P1000580 1-P1000543 1-P1000562 1-P1000577

Lunch has to be fish and chips of course and time to wander on our own. I couldn’t resist buying some local fish, as one does, but also bought a paper to wrap it in so fellow passengers on the coach would not have to put up with the smell!

1-P1000539 1-P1000538Courthouse Street  is where part of a wall was demolished by a lorry only to reveal another of the treasures of Hastings.

Still time to pop into the Jerwood Gallery (£8 for adults) run entirely on money it raises.  Today there was a wonderful exhibition of Quentin Blake and Lowry some of which I had never seen before.   Not sure if photography was allowed  but in any case one should really get out there and see it for oneself.

1-P1000584Decided to became a friend on the way out realising just how easy it is to get to Hastings from Brighton on the train. Loved Quentin Blake’s  palette and intend to copy it. It consists of a large piece of card with pans of paint stuck to it, each with a note of the colour next to it. Brilliant!

1-P1000582Today the trip had been arranged by Rob Upward for stewards from the Grange Art Gallery and Museum in Rottingdean. It’s one of the ways they thank the stewards who are simply local people prepared to offer a a minimum of one session a month. They offer a kindly welcome and any information required to visitors to the Grange. I happen to be one of them. 1-P1000583

I’ve been to Hastings once before for Food and Wine Festival with lots of stalls and live music all day,  the next one is 19th and 20th of September  The Fishing museum is also worth a visit.

I hadn’t been too well in recent weeks, might have been1-P1000540 the shock of rea1-P1000551-001ching 75! But this trip was a real tonic, good company, so much to see, amuse and to think about afterwards.1-P1000561

Oh and  I saw a lovely green bug on the way to the church does anyone know what it is?

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