Allotment Soup

P1010298Goodness what went wrong with my parsnips they looked  good at the top and then had formed themselves into twists and curls. Perhaps I didn’t plant them deep enough or in the wrong soil?Admittedly they were reduced plants at the garden centre a few months ago. P1010293

But then I found some potatoes I had missed, a couple of small red onions and three enormous runner beans that Jack in the Beanstalk’s giant would have welcomed for his dinner!

So washed and sP1010310crubbed the biggest parsnip, peeled the big bits and the potatoes, threw a couple of curly kale leaves, an onion, a garlic clove, six overgrown beans from the bean pods, a vegeP1010299table stock pot jelly into a pan and we had allotment soup for lunch.

No wonder allotments were essential in the war days, there was always something to eat. I now feel virtuous eating home produced food (hope the parsnips were not suffering from some strange disease) but all this activity cleared some of the beds ready to plant the winter onions!

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