A Day In Autum

Making ready for a still life with leaves cones and pods


from the grounds of Churchill’s Chartwell on a wet and windy day
with just a hint of sun jutting from the clouds


passing the lake where he meditated watching the endless circles of his golden coy


listening to the sound of water falling on grey rocks feeding the feathery green foliage


seeing the studio where he mixed pigments ready to capture light and shade on canvas


before he walked by the wall he had built before the war when so much younger


maybe pausing briefly in the kitchen garden which then and now is still planted
and nurtured today.

P1010503     P1010505

Menu tonight  Churchillian Veg Soup and Chartwell Baked Apples


This visit was on Thursday but  making this page today has been a just a tiny distraction  from the very  bad and desperately sad world news.

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1 Response to A Day In Autum

  1. pat smale says:

    nice photos


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