London’s lights thanks to the C1 bus route from Victoria

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If you get a chance get off the bus off at Harrods for the following treats, Huge displays and wonderful child height displays underneath.

11-P1010727 12-P1010728 13-P1010729 14-P1010730 15-P1010731 16-P1010732 17-P1010733 18-P1010734 19-P1010735 20-P1010736 21-P1010737 22-P1010738

60-P1010777 61-P1010778 62-P1010779 63-P101078064-P1010781 65-P1010783 66-P1010784 67-P1010785

68-P1010786 69-P1010787 70-P1010792 71-P1010789

72-P1010790 73-P1010791

Troubadour Coffee-House Poetry  I was on my way to one of several poets invited to read a winter poem at one of Ann-Marie’s  themed nights.  There is always a warm welcome a great variety of poems and tonight a musical quizz into the bargain!

1-P1010798   1-P1010793

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