Brighton’s lights thanks to walking in the rain

1-P1010844   London lights take some beating but here in Brighton plenty of individual shops make a Christmas effort too!

 03-P1010817    13-P1010829     29-P1010850     15-P1010831      24-P1010842

01-P1010812     02-P1010815     04-P1010818

05-P1010819     06-P1010820     07-P1010821

09-P1010823  10-P1010824  11-P1010825

12-P1010827   14-P1010830  16-P1010832

17-P1010833   18-P1010834   20-P1010837

21-P1010838  22-P1010839  28-P1010849 1-P1010630


The Dome, main road and shop fronts in Gardner Street



I love the stuffed animated bears in 1-P1010697Wyvale Garden Centre. They also have a wonderland of Christmas goodies, inexpensive lunches. scones, cream teas, a farm shop,  plenty of plants and free parking!





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