The oldest fairy on the block!

1-P1010911Well ‘the weather is really frightful’ …dum dum de dum de dum… so off we went  to Cellar folk club with ‘Greensleeves’ and ‘No one loves a fairy when she’s 40’ How incongruous can you get?

Last time I sang this fairy song I was 65 and it was at  the Welsh Center in London as part of a show for charity  and my[part wasn’t brilliant then! So best you all missed tonight’s performance ten years later!  Alan and I had only practised it a couple of times and we had never performed it together before!  While he played the tune gamely on his flute I made a mess of the lyrics.

This fairy was of course just living a dream as usual. But they were a forgiving lot and ‘Greensleeves’ fared a lot better!

Other members of the group sang there songs completely in tune!  Sadly time to hang up the ballet shoes forever I guess!

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