Old chestnuts are the best?

DSCF9212 Once upon a time, in the old days, many children went to  their dad’s Works Annual Christmas Party and might see a juggler or puppet show. The show, the party and a tangerine to go home with was often the highlight of the year for children in the late 50s and early 6os. If it was one of our shows Frosty would certainly be part of it!  Jamie (middle grandson) and I reconstructed this number last summer.

Please press on arrow in center of film – lasts less 3 mins

Alan and I popped out in the snow a couple of years ago to  make this film, I think one has to be a bit mad to be creative.

 Please press on arrow in center of film – lasts about 35 seconds

Frosty and I first appeared with Johnny Morris of ‘Animal Magic’ fame in the 5os helping him with one of his stories.frosty-6

Happy Christmas to you all  Ann

1-DSC07265  1-DSC07266

Please note – The Grange Art Gallery and Museum in Rottingdean with the exhibition of DSCF1540‘Cinema by the Sea’ from the 50s and includes an exhibit of our marionettes from ‘Oh What a Lovely War’  DSCF1534on The West Pier in 1969,  is closed in January – It opens again in February and admission is Free!


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