Alice’s anniversary comes to an end

Ann Perrin slide (617)

Honestly when it comes to Alice in Wonderland I still prefer the original story!

The following film ‘Scenes from Alice  in Wonderland’ was the first and hardest film I made, puppets never do as they are told and the editing was awesome.  DSCF0724-002 It is my favourite and was made a few years before my mother died  In her late 70s She had climbed up into the loft of my house in South London to operate some of the characters. The boat scene in the garden  was a labour of love and took forever.

Lasts 7 minutes


This Alice appeared in  an Ice in Morecambe in the 50’s my mother had to learn to skate to part of the show!

Sorry but like the BBC this time of year it is just repeats, repeats, repeats!

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