Whoops, drafted a new poem on Philip Larkin’s face.

1-P1020118This morning in bed the article was the only thing near at hand, well at least it won’t get thrown away!  Bored with the festivities and over eating, I spent forever in a bubble bath with battery spa lights that someone gave me for Christmas  (which kept falling into the water!)

By lunchtime had  cleaned everything in sight, re-potted an orchid and made a list of minor successes in 2015 with stars attached on a blank page in my new diary. 1-P1020120-001 I can recommend this idea, I do it most years and when  I glance at it from time in the months that follow it spurs me on to try new things or just to keep going.

Later  made a tentative list of new resolutions this included giving up sweets for a whole year! But more realistically things like – spending more time writing my poetry, having one really good holiday, taking up my harp again, learning some new songs to sing at the folk club, finishing editing films in the pipe line, contacting  the publisher who promised an answer by Christmas, getting on with a bit more self publishing anyway, conserving more of my energy for myself,  avoiding lost causes, looking after my own health a lot more by getting to aqua regularly and sticking to my healthy eating plan.

So with the family out there doing things the things that  I once did, guess it’s time to bring out the Champers Alan and be ready for the fireworks!

1-P1020132       1-P1020122         1-P1020123 1-P1020128  1-P1020131

in London

DSCF0482 DSCF0484

and locally.


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2 Responses to Whoops, drafted a new poem on Philip Larkin’s face.

  1. Sounds like a really good list of resolutions,,,Happy New Year

  2. ann perrin says:

    They are not bad and had already started to move in the right direction x

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