Winter winds and New Year Soup


We popped over two days before Christmas to find the roof had blown off the shed and some of the fence had collapsed in a heap. I usually insist I can do everything myself but frankly was happy that  Alan patched  it up with a plastic sheet from the car while I set about with string for the fence. Now I wish I hadn’t insisted on a man with a saw clearing some of the trees,  they were obviously holding the whole thing up!  Serves me right I really loved those trees but there are rules about size and they  overshadowed the beds and were so high as to be unmanageable.


Tidied up all the beds which really meant flattening humps in the multi compost with a stick! Dumped the dead cauliflower and ragged leaves from the artichokes, but found a few edible potatoes and the last of the wobbly parsnips  henceP1010298 another pot of soup!

Talked to the man a few allotments along who always arrives on his disability buggy.  He is on dialysis three days a week and down the allotment the other two. He is brilliant!

Hope to get over again tomorrow to blow the cobwebs away and of course New Year Soup is a bit like the Allotment Soup of a few weeks ago…you get the drift!

Basically you just put in any edible veg. including wobbly parsnips  (I didn’t  know one had to divide when planting the shoots)  into vegetable stock, boil, simmer, pop into  a liquidizer if you have one then serve and eat. Yum!

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