Cinderella – the whole panto in five minutes!

Ann Perrin


A do -it- yourself version of Cinderella – a  tongue in cheek script written in haste.

It might remind you of a time when old aunties and grannies were around and children were expected to entertain them!

Best performed when everyone is merry, children bored with computer games etc. It needs to be done at breathtaking pace. Some of the lines scan if you are lucky!

But please note the Disney version is on later so  you might prefer to wait!Ann Perrin slide (465)Instructions

Solo performance   One or two adults performing the whole thing ,  attempting  different voices and with a few hats or props. It can  be re-written to be as topical and raucous as you like.

Children  – Children can take more than one role if necessary. They could also use the outline to write there own version and  can be done with glove, rod or paper bag…

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